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width x height


background color / text color

Image Formats

.gif, .jpg, .png

Custom Text


The following characters need to be encoded using the UTF-8 Hex version in order to be renederd properly.

Character UTF-8 Hex Equivalent
+ 0x2B
# 0x23
% 0x25
& 0x26

You'll run into problems trying to manually enter a dimension as text if the numbers use the UTf-8 Hex values above, like &text=400x250. Use a multiplication symbol, × instead (not an x character) to get around this, &text=400×250.

If you need to use other unicode characters, look up their UTF-8 Hex version at

Standard Image Sizes

Several standard dimensions are included, including ad sizes and screen resolution sizes.

Keyword Shortcuts Dimensions Regular Expression
mediumrectangle medrect 300×250 ^(med)\w+(rec\w+)
squarepopup sqrpop 250×250 ^(s\w+pop)
verticalrectangle vertrec 240×400 ^(ver)\w+(rec)
largerectangle lrgrec 336×280 ^(large|lrg)(rec)
rectangle rec 180×150 ^(rec)
popunder pop 720×300 ^(pop)
fullbanner fullban 468×60 ^(f\w+ban)
halfbanner halfban 234×60 ^(h\w+ban)
microbar mibar 88×31 ^(m\w+bar)
button1 but1 120×90 ^(b\w+1)
button2 but2 120×60 ^(b\w+2)
verticalbanner vertban 120×240 ^(ver\w+ban)
squarebutton sqrbut 125×125 ^(s\w+but)
leaderboard leadbrd 728×90 ^(lea\w+rd)
wideskyscraper wiskyscrpr 160×600 ^(w\w+sk\w+r)
skyscraper skyscrpr 120×600 ^(sk\w+r)
halfpage hpge 300×600 ^(h\w+g)
Screen Standards
Keyword Dimensions
cga 320x200
qvga 320x240
vga 640x480
wvga 800x480
svga 800x480
wsvga 1024x600
xga 1024x768
wxga 1280x800
wsxga 1440x900
wuxga 1920x1200
wqxga 2560x1600
Video Standards
Keyword Dimensions
ntsc 720x480
pal 768x576
hd720 1280x720
hd1080 1920x1080

Flash Support

DummyImage works with Flash applications.

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